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Toby Segelquist, Pea Ridge, Arkansas

Toby Segelquist, Pea Ridge, Arkansas is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! This guy right here Toby Segelquist is the example of how a husband shouldn’t be. He is the king of them all. When people call oilfield workers cheaters they really are. They go home to their wives like everything is fine then go…

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Jason Napier, Georgia

Jason Napier, Georgia is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! HJMS Teacher Jason Napier is an Adulterer and pathetic, fat, loser. He cheated on his loving wife Sarah and dishonored her, their son, and his entire family. He lied and manipulated a cheap s**t that, to her only credit, was suffering from manic depression and stress. Her name is…

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Rachelle Marie Corella, Arizona

Rachelle Marie Corella, Arizona is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! Rachelle used to have a good job in Mesa AZ. She worked at banner baywood hospital. We separated and were going through a divorce. This b***h would f**k every body. I busted her sleeping with my best friend and then a day later with my brother who is…

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LilJesslynn plenty of fish screen name

LilJesslynn plenty of fish screen name is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! This b****h gave me genital herpes and the clap! With the Amount of people she sleeps with she probably is going to eventually give someone AIDS! Please if you are on pof message her and put a stop to her! This post about LilJesslynn plenty of…

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Jaye Strezovska

Jaye Strezovska is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! Jaye is a woman who lives at colyton in new, she is Serbian or something like that. She has a dog called pebbles, and is a liar and psycho path, if you don’t date her she will put up things on the net like fake reviews on here as she…

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