Adam lucas, Portland, Oregon

Adam lucas, Portland, Oregon is on! Adam Lucas is an online dater who goes by the name Kapuda. Due to his younger looks He prefers to date women who are much younger than his 50 years of age and who are recently divorced or coming out of long term relationships. He likes to tell them he is new at dating when in fact he is not. He wastes no time within the first few weeks telling them that he loves them and has never felt this way about anybody the whole time he has been single and speaks of living together great vacations and forgiveness .He also wastes no time meeting womens parents and children telling them that he loves and cares for them saying said women makes him so happy, happier than hes ever been. Red flag he speaks horribly of his ex wife and ex long term girlfriend making it seem as though he is fragile because of how poorly he was treated by them. Adam will use work ,his mother, and his daughter as excuses to see other women by saying hes busy with them so as not to be questioned. Adam also likes to speak of how much money he makes in his construction business. He also likes to send and receive explicit pictures and videos again telling women he has never done this before saying they are the only ones he has ever sent them to, Again making women feel like they are the one and only. He is less than mediocre in bed has erectile dysfunction using the excuse that he has to be in love with whoever hes sleeping with in order for him to get hard or finish the job again to play on the emotions of the woman hes with. This guy will drive for miles to meet and greet or date. Whoever dates this jerk is surely doomed to have a broken heart and hes great at messing with your mind too. Women beware!

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