Adriano Morrz, New York

Adriano Morrz, New York is on! If you’re interested in trying to date Adriano Morraz. Women beware this guy’s a total Fuckboy. He’s married to a woman name Diana Morraz who lives out in California. He has women coast to coast traveling with his “so-called job. He makes his dates pay for his gas money as well as his food and their food. Adriano has a cocaine, alcohol, cigarette, coffee and p**n addiction. He uses coffee and cigarettes to hide his escapades of sins he did the night before he goes into work or cheat on all of his multiple women that he’s dating at the same time. He has an abusive past with his exes. He’s is known to be very hot-temper to the point he will black out to beat the s**t out of you and anyone who stops him. No one can’t calm him down. He has gone to jail for allowing his temper to get the best of him. You can’t be nice to this man. He will used you and kill what little self esteem you do have. He’s difficult to work with at his jobs. He loves to b*m money off of everyone to support his habits. Adriano comes from a very uncaring and unloving family. You can’t show him love and a real friendship because his heart will always close to you. He’s been abused as a kid so he can’t open up to people and think the world is against him. His friends like to butter up his ego and allow his behavior to go on. He doesn’t care about anything or anything except himself. Adriano is a liar, cheater, selfish, and cold-hearted man. He will swear that his spirituality has make him a change man, but really he’s nothing but a judgemental, bitter, hurt, and scamming a*s man. He has his own insecurities that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes he can be down right stalkative, when he doesn’t get his own way or no any tabs about you. He’s controlling as f**k women have no say so on what they want, it’s always about him. He’s a s****y as friend he doesn’t care about his friends at all. He has no sympathy towards them and will tell all their secrets out to the world. He only caters to people who will kiss his a*s 100 percent and extremely good looking people. He even said it that he “only hangs out with only good looking women and people If your ugly and don’t fit his persona of people in his own little f**k in world. He will eventually leave you, but first damaged you to believing that you really are his friend that you care about him as he builds up your self esteem to just rip it to streads. He has a Facebook its Adriano Morrz. He has an OkCupid it’s Adriano25 as well as multiple dating accounts under his name. Do whatever it takes to stay away from Adriano Morraz. If you believe in hope for humanity. This man will suck the life out of you with his negativity as well as his fakeness. There’s nothing good about Adriano Morraz.

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