Arleen Akira Espinal, Far Rockaway, New York

Arleen Akira Espinal, Far Rockaway, New York is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! This disgusting, thirsty a$$, Instagram slore Arleen Akira Espinal, loves ruining family’s. She works at a T-Mobile and sold my dumba$$ husband an iPhone. She asked him for a ride home just an hour after meeting him. The car seat and baby toys must have been a real turn on to this nasty b*tch…; Well, she insisted and insisted on contacting and seeing my husband. The fact that she is in a relationship with a loser, aspiring rapper, and my husband being married with a kid (16 years her senior)-not an issue for this attention seeking HOMEWRECKER. They had a 2 week thing before I found out and he fessed up to everything. Contacted her boyfriend, but he’s an idiot that took her word that “she barely knew him”. Didn’t seem like my husband was the first or last guy she’d prey on-seeing she relies on men for rides, dinners, and attention. The kicker was this pseudo intellectual’s quote on the top of her Facebook-“what happens in the dark, comes out in the light”. It sure does!


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