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Matt Steffe

I will make it short and sweet, If I can. This guy meets his women at his Multi Level Networking Meetings that either he holds or he is at. He only like to meet Married Women because he says ( They have as much to loose as he does ) This guy has more then…

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Mike Michie Saint George

Mike is a pathological liar and a cheater. I caught him numerous times signed up for singles sites even though we were married. He cheated on me with some s***k for work when i was 4 months pregnant with our third child, then he told me how much he hated me and had never loved…

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Jeff Syder “Ronin”

This man is 51, he will disguise his age and even lie about it. He likes his girls half his age and he’ll talk you into trusting everything he says. He’ll claim to be a Marine who joined the Seals and then was forced out for “not following orders and killing people”. He’ll claim that…

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