Bessie J. Giesler, Cabot, Arkansas

Bessie J. Giesler, Cabot, Arkansas is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! As a supervisor in the central Arkansas HD stores, Bessie J. Giesler (married with children) uses her position to acquire phone numbers from the directory to start texting employees and vendors. Caught her texting/sexting my husband (who was a vendor) from 5am til midnight (300+/a day) for about four months with several “work overnights” in between. Upon further investigation, this seemed to be the recurring theme. An hourly employee she had a ten or more month affair in 2013 – she used to get calls from him in the middle of the night and tell her husband that her store had an alarm go off. A regional VP for garden – Vegas adventures with this one. She asked men for money for Christmas for her kids and then claimed he harrassed her. I’m sure “the victim” will strike again. Next time you’re in the central AR HD’s, ask for Bessie. Then ask to see her phone bill to see if she’s sending your husband naked pictures.


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