Brian bishop Ocirus Orlando Florida United States

Brian bishop Ocirus Orlando Florida United States is on! Dated this guy for three years. Come to find out he’s seeing many women. He uses his son Zian as an excuse as to why he’s always busy and he consistently fighting with you so he can have time with the other women. He claims he cares about his health but he’s f*****g all these women without a condom. He’s got two women pregnant and this is just what was exposed. He has three kids, two girls and a boy. He only claims tow of them. The older girl he doesn’t claim and is forced to pay child support for her. He works for Coke making $17 an hour and thinks it’s a lot. He claimed to use this woman and stated she loved him but he thinks she’s ugly and only f***s her because she’s got a fat a*s and buys him stuff. I saw her, she’s actually pretty. He had this proclaimed side chick named Tanzy. She knew about us all. She’s not even attractive. But hey, he’s a pig so it doesn’t matter. He’s got a girlfriend named Julie and she’s been told all about his actions. She stayed!! His sons name is Zian daughter he claims is Aariel and daughter he doesn’t claim is named Princess. He went as far as taking me to the dr to see about getting my tubes untied but was f*****g and dating all these other women. Please run if you meet him. You have been warned!!!

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