Cassandra, rafferty. Medford.ny suffolk county

Cassandra, rafferty. Medford.ny suffolk county is on! Dated this girl for 4 months. Did everything for her. I had no idea the way she looked into my eyes i could never tell she was doing me dirty. One day her x messaged me on facebook. He sent me screenshots of pictures she sent him her b***s and a*s. She also sent pictutes of her masturbating telling him she misses his c**k and she wants it agian tonight. There where several dates on the screenshots. The dates where when we where together. I confronted her and she called me a little b***h because she knew she was caught. She than found my freind on facebook she told him she needed some d**k and this so callee freind f****d her and she sent me pictures broke my heart. Then she had a orgy with 2 black guys and made a gideo and sent it to me. She really is cold and wanted me to hurt because she said i did not do enoufh for her. She said i suck in bed all types of mean things. She is a big coke head if you have coke will suck you off at least. Ahe looks so innocent but she fooled me and broke my heart used me for money and whateber else.

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