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Category: Cheaters

Jessica honey miles carroll

Jessica honey miles carroll is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! Dated jessica for about 6 weeks. She was cool. Hippie laid back type, or so it seemed. We made plans to go to a concert. The whole way to the show she was texting with someone and being unfriendly towards me. 5 minutes before the concert started she…

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Paige Lashea Carlisle, Georgia

Paige Lashea Carlisle, Georgia is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! She likes sleeping with others women’s husband’s. She was unfaithful to her husband the first month they were married! She is a s**t that loves the drama of destroying other people’s marriages! She goes by Shea Carlisle. She is a flight attendant so beware she can do it…

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Debbie Whittingham, Miami, Florida

Debbie Whittingham, Miami, Florida is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! Debbie Whittingham contacted my boyfriend through Facebook private message looking to have an affair with him. She even had the nerve to comment on our pics saying how nice it was to see him happy. She continuously proposes to be with him with no strings attached and even…

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Edwin Martinez. New Orleans.

Edwin Martinez. New Orleans. is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! I don’t even know where to start about this a*****e Edwin Martinez. The entire 2 years he was in a relationship with my friend he’s been an a*s. She treated him well, helped him when he needed it, did everything he asked, stuck with him when he hit…

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