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Category: Liars Cheaters

Richard Krakora in Scottsdale, Arizona

Richard Krakora in Scottsdale, Arizona is a 67 year old married father of 6 kids yet he has an incurable addiction to s**t especially the kiddie stuff. Richard Krakora was divorced thrice before because he had made a pass at his ex-wife’s kids. Richard Krakora was arrested and charged for child p**n activity. Richard Krakora…

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Rebecca R Jackson, Indiana

This ugly, old looking, crack w***e has knowingly been with a married man with 7 kids for ten years! The white trash drug addict has pulled every trick in the book to keep him, like lying about committing suicide. They use each other for drugs and company because no one else wants their ugly looking…

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Robert A Petras, Conway, SC, USA

Rob Petras is from Pittsburgh, PA now lives in Conway, SC. He has a girlfriend in Cannonsburg, PA that spoke to him everyday while he was in prison for 3 years for multiple shoplifting charges and robbing a bank. He got out of prison in October 2016 and tells people he was trafficking. He doesn’t…

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Sara Hingson fort Myers, Florida, usa

Top runner for dirtiest s***k in Lee county. This hoe was married to my friend and got booted for prostituting. You can find her on Backpage, babes, fantasies, or any old man’s couch that’s offering cash so she can buy dope. Goes by Sara Hingson, Sara Tschermak, Morgan, star, start and probably more. Check her…

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Sandi Moorehead, Florida

she cheated with her boss. She was with her husband for 30 years. He was with his wife for 30 years. He has a young daughter. Neither took that into consideration. He keeps saying he pursued her. She is a big girl, she knew he was married and had a young daughter. She was a…

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