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//20+ ISIS AND OTHER TERROR ACCOUNTS, PLEASE REPORT AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU.//; https://twitter.com/deepthroatfiles Tweets by e_esaam_ Tweets by alkaser12309642 Tweets by betta13748946 Tweets by fNaiZSOYcRvPgqH Tweets by garip_sham14 Tweets by fWgWeD3rf8jVbvi Tweets by alfarasss651 Tweets by Serhal_njd1 Tweets by mhareb01 Tweets by eroqbr Tweets by am_alainaa Tweets by effes3312 Tweets by CB153jad1 Tweets…

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Rhonda Malin, Cedar Hill, Missouri

This pathetic, old woman screwed around with my husband after promising him she would give him her husband’s tractor after she wins it in her divorce. It turns out he was pretty stupid and Clearly didn’t care enough n about me any longer after 25 years and he fell for it. They texted and talked…

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Toddshala Bates

This is a lying, low down, dirty —s whore that goes around lying on her p—sy and who she slept with. She is all about since she can’t get a job because she dropped out in the 7th grade, has 3 kids and 10 abortions and she is only 28, try to sell p—sy but…

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Robert Packett, Tennessee

I met this guy online. Went out several times, he seemed nice but then we started going to Times together in Knox. TN, I found out he cheated on his wife, lied to me and said didn’t want me to date anyone else but he was winking and emailing several of my friends on match,…

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