Danielle Brown, New York, New York

Danielle Brown, New York, New York is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! Danielle Brown WAS my son’s SAT tutor even though she’s barely older than him (23) and dumb as a f*cking brick… should have fired her when I caught her texting on her phone during a “tutoring session”, time is money!!!!, before she could make her way over to my husband of 19 years. Found her straddling him on the couch when I came home early from spin class and then after she left he showed all of the disgusting messages she was sending him and pictures too… needless to say he’s sleeping at his brother’s house. She still lives with her mommy and daddy and leeches off of them because she’s arrogant, young and zealous. She has never accomplished anything of her own like building a family. Stay AWAY and be careful who you let into your home!!!!!!!


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