Danielle Marie, Wonder Lake, Illinois

Danielle Marie, Wonder Lake, Illinois is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! This chic Danielle Marie likes to play the role of being peaceful after having been through so much whoring that she makes men feel sorry for her. Especially the taken ones. She chooses to secretly message people and sleep with taken men while trying to encourage them to do good things, as if what she’s doing is right by having sex with your man. Anyway… she tries to make it seem like she’s building you up from the ground while your wife and kids are at home, suffering, and wondering what’s going on with hubby or daddy. Why is he disappearing? He’s going to see a person that seems to be proud of being a mistress. Then, after hubby is caught, she tries to message wife to tell her to stop fighting over her. Please! Nobody is fighting over this ugly thing, the fight is over that actual infidelity. After finding a long history of losers that she has been with, it’s no question that she enjoys being somebody’s sloppy seconds. This one needs to keep her legs closed and her mouth shut. She should take care of her son instead of bringing numerous men in and out of his life. He doesn’t need to grow up in a bed and breakfast brothel, he needs a mom to be there for him instead of other guys. This one needs to straighten out her priorities because she has it all wrong.


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