Dennis E. Hinton, Atlanta, Georgia

Dennis E. Hinton, Atlanta, Georgia is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! Most women can find him on the okcupid dating website which he used to go by the name: Ausummm 50 or by Eric/50/Atlanta. He loves to prey on pretty women. First he will state his name is Duan, when it’s actually Dennis E. Hinton. He has also used another name which can be found on the Social Catfish website from back in 2010. He flips his age between 49 or 50 but he is actually closer to 60. He is smart so he will pay attention to every word you say. He will see who you know or who you have access to that may perhaps have money…; He does this in order to pick up new clients for his Investment Firm: Resource Asset Management which is based in Atlanta, GA. The con is for you to give him cell phone numbers of who you know along with detailed information of them and he will call them and act like he knows them or have met them in order to establish a business relationship. Beware!!!!!! Also, he has other women. He will encourage you to smoke weed with him, drink alcohol, and even have sex with him unprotected. He will take you to dinner or out for drinks but he will try to woo you by taking you to his condo in Buckhead or his boat which is out at Lake Lanier boat yard. Just be careful ladies of this con artist and home wrecker. He will try to destroy your home life and sanity. If you don’t give in to what he wants or are not willing to be controlled by him, he will call you Crazy and try to inflict punishment or pain on you. He has been married 2 times for sure, maybe 3 times. And he already has a ready made family with a young daughter and significant other.


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