DOMESTIC TERRORIST DIOP LAMBAYE / PAPA DIOP is on! Don’t be foolef be schooled, PAPA DIOP / PAPA IBRAHIMA DIOP alias Diop Lambaye / Dioplambaye 4*17*83 of the Bronx also associated with Harlem is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST in the sense that he used a woman for a green card therefore committing fraud and is a african muslim CHEATING ADULTERING POLYGAMIST who has delusions of grandeur being a senegalese celebrity and aspiring politician and religious figure. Currently under investigation for marriage fraud by immigration USCIS.A Serial cheater with two wives, one wife that he is legally married to who sponsored him for a green card and the African muslim wife that he married in the name of islam though still legally married and fathered a child with her Ida Jallow of the Bronx also associated with Harlem New York and Maryland WHO KNEW HE WAS MARRIED, was probably a conspirator in the Green Card marriage Fraud.He also has online dating profile looking for casual s*x stating he has never been married though he has 2 wives. Also meets women in the Subway at the gym Planet Fitness and at his job Carmine’s NYC 200 West 44th Street where he spits in people’s food ,places boogers in customers food that are rude and demanding of him he also steals cloth napkins from his job in large quantities for private parties he hosts and for his mosque. If I were a customer at this restaurant and served by Papa I would be greatly concerned not only about food contamination but we’ve all heard about the Nigerian scam with credit card Senegal isn’t too far away from that country so I would use caution when handing him my credit card. He masquerades under Islam as a good person with unassuming Steve urkel looks but he is a cunning crafty con artist. He abandoned 2015 his legal wife shortly after giving birth 5 months pregnant after giving birth to a dead baby but he stayed long enough for her to attend his green card appointment .PAPA DIOP/PAPA IBRSHIMA DIOP/ DIOP LAMBAYE was too cheap to bury his own baby he left the body at the hospital meanwhile riding in a limo, yacht, renting venues and investing in Senegalese businesses, building funds and lies telling people she ended it,put him out when he was secretly living with another woman for 2 years Ida Jallow formerly of 96, Central park west now they live in the Bronx. And continued to see his legal wife,getting pregnant for a 2nd in 2015 the same time that his mistress and African wife was also pregnant while also being involved with Bronx American hoodrat with a lot of kids. He has no conscience about his criminal activities polygamy* Fraud* forgery. He was so bold, proud of his green card exploits the he wrote an autobiographical film available on YouTube titled NJUMTE witch Chronicles a green card marriage of course when the man is married two women one that sponsorship for green card and one in Africa that he brings to America after he received his green card. How ironic?????????????????????????????????? Smooth Criminal he is, if you are strongly opposed to CHEATING LYING ADULTERY MARRIAGE FRAUD POLYGAMY LET HIS JOB KNOW CALL CARMINE’S NYC @2122213800 press 0 and ask to speak to a manager and tell them that you will not support a business that hires domestic terrorist that contaminate food* steal*lie *cheat* defraud ppl into a greencard marriage and are polygamists.

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