Emily Ma Aka (JieLian Ma Or Ma Jielian) — Sacramento, California

Many Americans (including me) did not know that Chinese women want green cards more than everything. Also Chinese girls rarely love one for loving himself, in fact they just want a foreign husband and do not care who you are.

Emily Ma (Chinese name: JieLian Ma – My ex wife). Their mother gave birth to two women, and not only passed the Home Wrecker down, but tries to justify her daughters’ actions. Emily Ma is by far the worst human being. She has no morals and no remorse for ruining relationships. Emily Ma has been sleeping with a married man for two years. That man happened to be one of her friends’ husbands. He is also Chinese who got a green card through marriage. She tried to hide and lie about everything, since all she wanted was my money and my house. She has no shame. Her mother taught them well. Her mother was working for the Chinese Intelligence Agency (Chinese CIA). She made her wealth through corruption by stealing from the Chinese government. America is just their safe haven for money laundering. They held their family’s cash flow in Hongkong and off-shore organizations to avoid paying taxes to the U.S. Ever since Emily Ma aka (JieLian Ma or Ma jielian) moved to California, she had been fucked by 4 Chinese men from our Taishan Chinese Immigrants Community, including her supervisor at her current firm. If you do wanna marry her in the future, Prenup is what I strongly recommended.


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