Glady rose villamor Barrio Baretto Philippines

Glady rose villamor Barrio Baretto Philippines is on! I met this. Woman whose name is. Glady rose villamor. The most frightening thing about her for tattoos on both arms covering them both I met her through a friend of mine on the ship who knew her for 20 years didn’t think anything of it she was supposed to be A Madame for hookers I met her the first night in the bar as a meeting place yes I meant I was really hot for Blownaway by her beauty The whole time I was in the barrio Breno I was calling her we would hang out on thing led to another and I will take her shopping I guess all the money I was spending on her she decided to latch on to me I thought she really cared for me she didn’t she was just using me for my money my friends my daughter even my ex-wife told me. Take me to her house introduced me to her kid even fix dinner for me you know the perfect little family home life that I wanted she figured I really need one well she played me as soon as I got home from sailing she hit upfor $300 worth of clothes so I gave it to her then two weeks later she asked me for more money another 300. Why didn’t give it to her she claimed that she had a job a few hours later want to talk to me and I feel that didn’t need it cut me off of Facebook messenger G*d people find jobs don’t just cut off communication now I tried emailing you look for the questionnaire and that’s what she completely blocked me and had her daughterBlock me as well I talked to my friend that they were he didn’t know what was going on because she wouldn’t talk to him either of course it was a test when I said no I wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t and address for the money right probably got the money eventually fell for it and want to cut her off she turned her back on me prove my ex-wife right. Chloe is also called bar hoe or just another stupid f*****g Filipino woman looking for sugar daddy still in love with some black guy he treats her like s**t but I guess she like that

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