Jasmine Jordan, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jasmine Jordan, Tuscaloosa, Alabama is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! This “princess” Jasmine Jordan uses love, sex, and tears to work her way into relationships with several married men, having destroyed one marriage under her belt already, she almost brought down my cousins marriage as well… Employed as a patient advocate in Tuscaloosa DCH, shes a typical Jezebel, using her tears to get her way, she brings husbands into her little web of lies and includes them into her life using love and sex, she would do just about anything vulgar and sexually perverted in order to gain the attention and of unwary men. There are at least 4 marriages she had damaged, including one which was totally destroyed… I’m glad my cousin woke up to her games when recently she lied about attending a funeral in Mississippi, when in fact what she was actually doing was meeting with her second cousin for a weekend of swinging and partying, a second cousin whose own marriage was destroyed by her perverted ways. This daughter of a Pastor in Tuscaloosa is dangerous, keep your husbands and sons away from her, shes a maneater and won’t stop until shes the center of every mans attention.


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