Jessica Nasman, Boise, Idaho

Jessica Nasman, Boise, Idaho is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! Watch your a$$ with this crazy looney tune! Jessica Nasman, who is on her 4th marriage, living in her crazy mother’s home and living off the system! Another term would be ‘homie hopper’. She finds a group of men and makes her way through them so that someone will take care of her and her children, who’s father doesn’t want anything to do with them because he’d rather not contact his children than have to deal with her! Watch your men ladies because this one will Boss her way into your life and [email protected]#k all the dudes in that circle til she finds one dumb enough to marry her! She married my man then started [email protected]#king his friend when he moved in to her parents basement! Crazy comes in a small package here people! Bat sh!t crazy!!


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