Jimmy Simmons, Marion, North Carolina

Jimmy Simmons, Marion, North Carolina is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! I had been on a dating site and met this man. We spent almost three years together. I have discovered that he had been meeting women on I 40 in North Carolina. He is very sweet, handsome and a true charmer. I have come to the relaxation that he is a narcissist. He preys on women for a sexual addiction and their money.es he checks women out on interstate makes eye contact and next thing you know he has you convinced of pulling over and putting on the charm and getting your phone number. Then over the next few weeks he indulges you with great conversation and the next thing you know is he has you feeling like you are very special to him and you are in bed with him and he is in your bank account.He has no emotional connection to anyone other than what he needs you to believe so he can get what he desires from you. Once you have him figured out he moves on to the next victim. He is also know for having a s*x triangle of 5 or more women at a time. You would never suspect it because his work keeps him traveling quiet often. That you its hard to keep track of where he is. He frequents strip joints. He even hooks up with casual encounters of all sorts on Craigslist. And I mean all sorts. He is very smart and can deceive the smartest women. He has his game down to an art. He is a professional narcissist. Please be safe out there and do not fall victim to his deceit. He is very convincing.

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