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  1. I really hope that Jing’s friends and coworkers are reading this post because I want them to know a few facts about her.

    – Jing is a DEADBEAT mother that refuses to pay her child support for the last 7 months. The State of Colorado has opened an official case against her.

    – Jing has refused to see or speak to her son for over a month now because the child continuously accuses her boyfriend (Douglas Holberger) of sexual molestation.

    – Jing has tried to use the court system to harassed and threaten her son’s stepmother. A stepmother that has done (and is doing) her best to encourage the child to have a relationship with his mother and not to speak poorly of her.

    – Jing has recently moved the guy that molested her son back into her home and that is another reason why she doesn’t want her son a round. She prefers the company of a pedophile over her own child’s.

    So when Jing is crying to you and playing the victim card, please ask Jing about these facts above. See what kind of lies she can spin or Facebook posts she does to cover up the truth. But sooner or later, Jing has to face up to the truth and realize what a horrible person she is.

  2. Jing Xia Tesoriero bandoned her son completely on May 25th and refuses to speak or see him for over a month now. She also refuses to pay any child support since December of 2017, for the child’s food, medical or any other care. Jing would rather be sucking off a pedophile (Douglas R. Holberger) over spending time with her son. She is a sick and foul creature that works at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver. Please contact the hospital at 1-303-812-2000 and let them know what a piece of sh!t she is. You can also email Jing and her pedophile boyfriend at [email protected] or [email protected], There is a special place in Hell for people like Jing and I hope she rots there for eternity.

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