Jordan Russow AKA Frankie Larose, Streator, Illinois

HERPES! Watch out. She is aware that she has an incurable std and still keeps spreading her legs for men and women. Giving this gift to married men to take home to their innocent wives. She will do what ever it takes to bed down with taken men. How gross if you think about. Homewreckers are so dirty. Knowing these men have women at home still having sex with them then they have no problem putting that dick in their mouths. You know if he has showered or are you tasting his woman he has at home. Just nasty! Then she runs around almost naked on the streets talking about how sexy she is…. Just cuz you skinny dont make you sexy. She looks like a 12 year old lil boy. No tits no ass no hips no curves. She wants to talk about over hefty bitches lol. At least they dont look like a lil boy. She grew up in a town of 13000 population. A hick town. But somehow she thinks cuz she messes with black guys she is a black bitch from the ghetto. She is filthy nasty and down right shameful. her mother should be ashamed of what kind of person she has raised.


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