Julie Boots, Windsor Ontario, Canada

Julie Boots, Windsor Ontario, Canada is posted on liars cheaters (no “R”) us! This is Julie Boots aka sleezebag of Windsor, Ontario. Her insta is @juuubag… add this Sleeze up, she’ll gladly give you sexual favours you get extra points in her book if your married or have a gf.This Jefferson Blvd tramp is the the most used and nastiest thing in Windsor by far!; She works at Salon Utopia Medspa as a sh*tty hairstylist and makes hair look just as sh*tty and botches hair just like hers ! She’s a homewrecker and will sleep with ANY taken or married man. She sends snap chat nudes to others boyfriends and now their floating around and denying it’s her – karmas a b!#ch sleezebag and looks like you got yours. You can see this drunk Courtney Love looking c*ke head at your local pub/bar in her natural state loud, obnoxious, and looking like a drowned rat. This h*e has obviously never heard of waterproof makeup in her life. She’s screwing Ryan Breault the dirty SWAT cop from Windsor and often he gives her drugs for her sexual favours. She also manipulates him and crys to him when she doesn’t get her way she uses the poor guy who is also over 10 years older then her. Maybe think twice before continuing to contact a taken men and Snapchat him and send him nudes. This sl*t will send nudes to any man over snapchat. This nasty ditch pig is much worse then an escort she will spread her legs for free! If you’re a man and reading this I’m sure she’ll give it to you too!


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