Kim Suzanne Avery, Newport Beach California Orange County

Kim Suzanne Avery, Newport Beach California Orange County is on! I met this piece of work off a website called POF. She lives on Balboa Island and works as a realtor in Orange County. Kim can be found down her street at the local bar or any other dive bar with live music. I’ve met some CRAZY women but Kim is beyond crazy. She is a lier, vicious, hateful, vindictive and full of EVIL! I was a here boyfriend and we dated for 6 months. I broke up five times with Kim due to her being insecure, she thinks she is always right I was wrong, her screaming, yelling, and her major anger issues towards me. I have a long time friend who calls me from time to time. She has stage 4 cancer. We are friends nothing more. Kim was so jealous and thought I was having an affair with my friend. My friend called an left a voicemail to see how I was doing. Kim heard this message and came unglued on me. She was in so much rage pounding her fists screaming and yelling she bit down on her front teeth so hard they broke. Kim told me she did not smoke when we met. That was a big lie and a turn off for me. She did not care about my concerns about the second hand smoke. The smoking and drinking alcohol has become a habit she likes. I even witnessed her smoking pot, a 57 year old getting stoned, grow up Kim. Before the last break up Kim demanded me to buy her new tires for her Lexus, a cost over $500.00 dollars. Most times we used her car to drive around, me paying for the gasoline was not enough. She is so needy and cheap! Kim gave away jewelry and other gifts I had given to her for her birthday. She had the guts to ask me to buy her the same jewelryhow crazy is that? Kim found a message I had left for her in a card she had given to me. I said in it your frinkin crazy! She called me and said she missed me and would work on her anger towards me as she has told me before many times. We got back together things were good, s*x was even better. Days later she started acting weird and playing head games with me. I was staying at her place for a few days then Kim was going to take me to her dentist for a abscessed tooth I had. She bought up the message in the card she found and was mad and p****d off at me. She provoked a fight and called the police and had me arrested for domestic violence. She was the one who attacked me. That charge and case was dropped. She later filed a temporary restraining order against me. We went to court on that as Kim wanted a permanent order. Kim put on a good act crying and lying in court. That case was dropped and dismissed. Don’t be fooled by Kim as she fooled me and played me. She will lie and tell you how great she is and a sweet loving person. If you know her or date herBEWARE and run the other direction.

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