Luther Edwin Waldrop Jr, Colorado, Sleazy Cheater

Luther Edwin Waldrop Jr, Colorado, Sleazy Cheater is on! Eddie Waldrop, Luther Edwin Waldrop Jr. is an airline pilot who was engaged to me AND another woman at the same time in January 2010. I discovered he was contacting different women on several sleazy, nude, sexual dating sites. He compulsively lies and will lie to your face with tears in his eyes, saying you are the ONLY woman he is seeing and in love with. He wanted to visit his new, baby grandaughter in Florida, and asked me if I’d pay for the hotel and rental car and he’d pay me back. We were engaged, and out of love I agreed. Unknown to me he had PRE-ARRANGED to HOOK-UP with another woman at the hotel we were staying at! Beyond sleazy! Plus he never paid me back the money he promised! His M.O.: 1. He may say that he hasn’t been in a relationship for 3-4 years. (He said this to a woman when he was ENGAGED to marry me!) 2. After knowing him for a short time he will tell you he loves you and has never felt this way about ANYONE before, sweet, until you discover he’s saying the exact same words to others and even sending them the exact same love poems! Super-sleazy! Once a cheater, always a cheater, guys this deceptive don’t change, they only get better at lying, hiding it and conning people. I’m not the first woman he’s cheated on, and certainly won’t be the last. My heart goes out to the MANY women he’s hurt and been unfaithful to, past, present and future. I’m only posting this in the hopes it may save others the heartache I went through. Also, warning: He may look like an innocent balding Opie, but he has a restraining order for domestic violence.

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