Mary Lindsey Aycock Fort Worth Texas

My husband and I have been married for 6 years together 11 years, my husband was managing a popular restaurant when a s***k a*s fake t*****s having methed out known prostitute frequented the restaurant. Just so happend to be a low budget hoe-tel across the street where she would smoke and sell meth as well as herself. Long story short my husband confessed to everything. Even to smoking meth as well and selling her out. She took everything I loved everything I worked years for. She goes by skylar on back page and Craigslist. Ladies watch out pure jezebel she is a complete waist of life. She probley has hep c from all the times she’s had dirty needles in her body, now he’s in prison and she’s still selling herself, anybody in fort worth with a disease give her a call she will literally be better off decaying with disease than breathing gods air. There will be a special place in h**l for b*****s like you, me and my husband are getting divorced I hope she dies with a glass d**k in her mouth and all the men she has slayed with her prostitution find there way back home.


Author: Anonymous

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