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Rebecca McDonald Saskatoon, Canada

Cheater just doesn’t do justice for Rebecca, also known as, RatBecca as she likes to double cross people, including family and friends. She faked a cancer, her son’s suicide, mother’s heart attack, among many others, to get money. When she ran out of ideas she turned to the police, and turned in innocent friends. Becky…

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Alan Shane Black, Columbia, SC USA

Where to begin…Alan is a lying, cheating, pot smoking, alcoholic thief. He will “borrow” money and not pay you back a dime. He does not pay his bills. He will you call you a psychotic b***h when you confront him about his lies. He practices unsafe s*x with every woman he sleeps with. He is…

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Sheenah Kreager

Sheenah was a coworker of mine for 2 years before we started dating. She started seeing me after she claimed her baby daddy had moved out her house but he showed up at a bar after work one day while we were hanging out. He ripped her out of the place and she told us…

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Heather A. Dibasilio Hays

Heather refuses to comply with the court-ordered child support and will not disclose her new address or current employer. She is $10,000.00 in arrears to the custodial grandparents of her special needs children. She is a Navy veteran who pays more attention to animals than her family, especially her children. She drives a black Chevy…

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