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Corey Curry, Louisiana

Ladies, BEWARE of The Mayor of Chalmette, LA!!!! COREY ALEXANDER CURRY is a BROKE a*s slime ball POS.. He will slitter into your life, completely destroy it, take everything you have, and then slitter on out before you even know what hit you. And when you do .. you will realize its CHLAMYDIA and HPV!!!…

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Dave Alan Williams, California

When I met Dave Williams he said he was divorced, I had no reason to doubt him. During the years we dated he was attentive, generous and there was the understanding we were in a committed relationship, marriage had been discussed. I have found out he is married and has been for 27 years, never…

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Guy Robert Nichols, Colorado

I dated Guy Nicholsfor 3 months. He lavished me with attention and flatery from the beggining. He told me he wanted to be exclusive from the beggining. He told me he wanted to have a baby with me. He inroduced me to his kids right away and we saw each other almost every day. I…

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Raymond Frobosilo, New York

His Package small, his technique mediocure!! MANWHORE ALERT!! He drives a black jeep commander, NY plates and a Grey Sierra Truck, NJ Plates. He lives in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY and has two teenagers. He owns his own business in Edison, NJ. He trolls craigslist searching for married women to have affairs with. I actually…

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