“Prashanth Ganapathy Seattle, Wash USA

“Prashanth Ganapathy Seattle, Wash USA is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! This man in Indian, lives in Seattle. We began chatting online. I told him explicitly that I was only seeking a long term committed relationship and that I had NO interest in casual s*x. He told me all the sweet things I wanted to hear, he wanted a girlfriend, he would fly me to Seattle where he lives, he wanted love, etc. We met and that very night he wanted s*x. He was very aggressive: kissing and touching me. He took his clothes off ( I kept mine on) and he wanted me to engage in s*x w him ( I refused). I felt uncomfortable and asked him to leave. He told me he liked me and would call me and wanted to see me again. I never heard from him. He didnt reply to my calls or texts. He presented lies and deception in an attempt to have s*x with me, undermining me the opportunity to make a fully informed decision about my emotions and body.

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