Rachelle Marie Corella, Arizona

Rachelle Marie Corella, Arizona is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! Rachelle used to have a good job in Mesa AZ. She worked at banner baywood hospital. We separated and were going through a divorce. This b***h would f**k every body. I busted her sleeping with my best friend and then a day later with my brother who is only 12 years old. She loves to take it in the a*s. I stuck my whole foot in her v****a. I dumped her fat a*s and f****d one of her friends. At the tine I was paying child support she was taking that money and using it on herself on one day dropping almost 300 at Ross. I would track her money spending and found out she would go to nice dinners while my boys had no food. The last month I gave her money she took my 15 year old to get a burger while she shopped for s*x toys and went to Chili’s for dinner and drinks.the bad now is she fled the state and went to California to live and party. Meanwhile not giving me a divorce and abandoned my children in Arizona, not giving me any child support and canceled my children’s health, visual and dental insurance

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