Rebecca Cameron, New South Wales, United Kingdom

Rebecca Cameron WAS a mutual friend of mine and hubby’s years ago, but lost touch till a few months ago. Almost right from the start (a few months ago when we all reconnected) my gut was telling me something was not right. As time went on little things happened that made me feel like I was paranoid and psycho. Like she never invited me and hubby anywhere just him, remember were all were friends. Then the behaviour changed of hubby. Rebecca took my hubby out for his birthday, never even thought of me. She would never seem to leave when she visited us and was always eager to stay the night. A lot of other little things happened. Like her posting memes etc. hinting at wanting other man that were taken etc. Until one day I decided to check my hubby’s email. I found heaps of emails between them. I confronted hubby and we broke up. (we are now together as he saw what he had when he lost it) As the weeks went by and we talked more things came out. They had s*x the 2 weeks after we all met up again and a few times since then. Most of the affair was while her child was sick and in hospital, she wanted to get away from the hospital for a break understandable, but what is not is she didn’t want to spend that time with her hubby or other children but with my hubby to have s*x! The fact that her hubby knows nothing about it and is still trying to get in between hubby and me (he is not in contact with her) and she is still saying that I am a paranoid psycho who is lying, is not on. I will not be silent so that she can be comfortable!


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