Reginald X Ray (Reggie Ray), Chicago IL

Reginald X Ray (Reggie Ray), Chicago IL is on! This creep is a cheater and will cheat on the woman he’s with dating 2-3 other women on the side. He will manipulate and make you think you are the one at fault and that you are crazy. He will tell you that you are insecure and that he’s not doing anything. He will drive his woman’s car and be texting/calling another woman and letting the other woman drive his woman’s car. He has nothing. He is a piece of s**t and totally worthles human being. Women beward of this foul creature. He uses his son to make people feel sorry for him and want to take him in. Do not believe his fake front. He comes off like he has it all together but all you have to do is ask a few questions, he will dodge any deep questions but be persistent. Run for you lives.

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