Renee Cranbourne, Australia

Renee is mother of two and stepmother to a son who lives in Botanic Ridge. I recently found out she has been sleeping with me current bf while married. Late last year it all so surfaced that she has been having an affair with my friends partner for six and half years. She has been married for appox 7 years but the whole time has never been faithful to her husband she knew Dwaynes partner was pregnant then continued after she had the baby. she when she went for her visits she would leave her baby in the car or if the baby was awake bring her into the house, or as the both girls got older she would put a movie on and tell them not to move from the lounge room while she has s*x in the front room of the house. This women has had confirmed 5 different affairs and is going to any length to hide them from everyone as she is scared of losing her cash cow of a husband and disparate for her friends & family not to find out as she think she is much better then everyone else as she has on her bio she’s classy and fabulous.


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