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I would highly, highly suggest looking elsewhere for a gym. I love trying out new fitness classes and this place had stellar reviews so I thought I would stop by for a class. I traveled all the way from the east bay in back to back traffic and was just so incredibly disappointed. So first off parking is a pain in the a*s (nonexistent) but it’s San Francisco so I really shouldn’t complain. However, the owner (?) Rich is literally one of the biggest creeps I have ever had the pleasure of running across in my life. I don’t think he looked me in my eyes the entire time I was asking him about classes (I kept catching him staring at my body in a really gross way, I was wearing gym clothes of course) and his eyes were bloodshot & glazed over like he had a weeks worth of partying under his belt. He asked me to follow him upstairs where he would go over the class options and personal training options, so I follow him upstairs to the office and all I’ll say is it literally looked like the aftermath of a raging frat party up there! Like there was literally paraphernalia (yes!!!!!) on the desk and the floor and I’m just up there thinking this has to be a joke, RIGHT? So at this point I’m just over the whole thing so I politely excuse myself and make my way back downstairs and he follows behind me commenting about my body and that he would offer me a weeks worth of free training.. ummm no thanks buddy? Like I have never ever felt so disrespected in a PLACE OF BUSINESS. If being trained by a glazed over frat boy zombie is your thing carry on (but make sure to Uber) other then that you’ll probably want to go elsewhere. Anywhere else.; UPDATE: Within 24 hours of me writing this review the owner’s girlfriend wrote a glowing review stating that she has only attended 3 classes. Suspect much? I checked out the biz Instagram when I researched classes and she’s all over it. Sorry guys I know it sucks to get a bad review but don’t plant reviews ! That’s just not honest.


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