Richard Canas North Richland Hills, Texas

Richard Canas lives in NRH, Tx and it is beyond time to “out” this man. He is incapable of having a meaningful relationship. He will cheat and blame it on being a s*x addict. He will tell you any and everything you want to hear and make you think he cares for you and your children. When the truth is he is only looking for s*x and someone who can loan him money! He will always promise to pay the money back but he won’t. When it comes times to pay the money back he will ignore your calls, texts, emails. He will cut off all contact. Say that you were never together and start spreading rumors that your crazy or a stalker when the truth is all you want is to be paid back the $3000 you loaned him & need back. He is verbally abusive at times and has zero honesty & integrity for anyone. He believes everyone owes him something. He uses women to get what he wants!


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