rick j. hemmelman

i had been friends with him since we were kids and 3 years we ran into each other started talking he realized right away who i was but i had no clue who he was almost from the get go he would act strange like never answering his door when i showed up with food and beer or not answer the phone right before xmas of last year i saw him he wouldnt tell me were he was going i had this feeeling he was cheating he never came to my place we never went out in public together always sat at his place while he got stoned i would bring it up and he would say i will come over to your appartment but never did so late last night he text me on valelenetene he broke up with me i had warning signs but ignored them i cant prove he cheated just the way he acted i always thought rick was ashamed of me he would need me weekend alot so last night i dropped off his gift of beer and a big card we were suppose to have a nice weekend last wlast weekend but he ignored me i even took the day off to spend it with him he claims he bought me a gift i never got it i think he was lying i spent 2000 dollars on him he has my clothes at his place i called the police to get my clothes back i was told i cold have an officer be there to get my clothes back other wise i wont get em back he is the worse boy friend ever


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