Rickey P Jensen

My ex was a real charmer at first. He would have a great smile and tell you what you want to hear. Beginning of relationship he had s*x with a girl named Courtney and denied it still till this day. Kept her around for months. I did not find out to 8 month later after I found out he did things with her. Everything made sense. Still in denial.he mentally and physically abused me. He went to jail charges were dropped . He throws me on the ground a day before my birthday and goes and has a threesome with his best friend Andy and his wife Gabby . He than has s*x with her again while husband is sleeping and husband finds out they been having a secret relationship. She was my friend and she slept with him. He cried to me saying his best friend beat him up and he don’t know why I messaged her and she told me everything. He even denied it till i finally I got him to admit ,when he gets ghonnorea results back from doc . He also got hpv from her. He leads women on , and is a cheater . Even on his ex gf he hired a prositute because he said his ex wasn’t good enough because she was puggy in one area. He has had s*x with another girl who is married she got drunk and he had s*x with her while she was sleeping. Richard aka Rickey is a womanizer and a narcissist. He loves to beat on women.


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