Ricky DeMent Henderson North Carolina

This guy is a fat nasty slob. After talking for a while we finally slept together. If that’s what you want to call it. I was so grossed out I tried hard not to look at him. He gives you the good guy vibe tells you about his wife who did him so wrong. Leaves out his wife cheated after years of him on websites and messaging other women old and young.; The s*x, gross! Lasted 5 minutes. He tried having s*x no condom which was not happening. He took off his shirt his stomach covered the top of his elastic pants, the stretch marks are the worse I have ever seen, his breath was like dog food. It lasted 5 minutes, same position the hole time, he panted like a dog. I was scared he was gonna die on top of me how he breathed. He immediately got up running for clothes and bathroom. I found out later he has a steady girl friend who I was shocked to find out was actually very good looking. I later looked her up Stephanie Stacy on fb the girl just gushes over him. Not a peep about her though. Heard thru the grape vine he has cheated on her.; BE WARE DON’T FALL FOR HIS SOB STORY. HE IS A SORRY POS WHO PLAYS WOMEN AND THEN CLAIMS TO BE THE VICTIM. I HAVE CONFIRMED A DOZEN GIRLS HE IS SPEAKING WITH AND THE GIRLFRIEND DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS DUMB TO IT OR STUPID ENOUGH TO STAY WITH HIM.; Remember the name ladies. Ricky DeMent Henderson NC black jeep with panther sticker, 2 kids, nasty trailer. And hope your using condoms because he is getting around. Lmao you would think it would help his s*x game, negative!


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