Robert “Brandon” Commodore is a sociopath, liar and a cheater. He’s a woman worst nightmare because he like to live double lives and has no regards for anyone but his own self and what he can get in return. Robert “Brandon” Commodore goes by Brandon to those who know him. He’s considered a little local celebrity in the town of Minneapolis, Minnesota because of his musical background and roots. He’s very well-known among the city slickers because of his musician and producer capabilities. Too bad he seems like a very nice person to others in business however, his personal life, Brandon has a dark side like no other. What Brandon does in his personal life is made for Lifetime Movie Network. His story should be on Lifetime and titled, “His Double Life: The Secret Life of a Minneapolis Musician. I met Brandon via Instagram when I found out he was the drummer for my favorite band. My intentions were to only follow him on social media because he was a part of something that I love musically so dearly. When I found him on Instagram, I saw that his profile was on private however, I requested him anyway just because. I immediately received acceptance and he sent me a direct message saying ” Thank you for the follow” I told him no problem and informed him I was crazy about the band and I didn’t know they were in town performing that week. He asked was I coming to the show, I told him I was however, the tickets were sold out. He then asked me “What night would I like to come” My heart dropped, I was stunned because I hadn’t seen my favorite band in years. I told him I would love to come the next night and he said he would put me on the guest list. I felt a bit awkward after he said that because I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. Anyway, I gave him my full name and number just in case of anything, he then replied “I can text him back at anytime with my beautiful self” I was taken aback because I really didn’t know how to respond to that. Anyway after the show I didn’t see him and we hook up a few months later and had been talking for 15 months, He told me he wasn’t married, didn’t have a girlfriend or anything which was a lie. He then said he was VERY estranged from his wife and getting divorce. Found out that was a lie. Me and the wife was pregnant at the same time!!! This man was living a double life and everything that came out his mouth was a lie. I end up talking to the wife and she said that he was broke and everything was hers. She even told me he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant two months before he proposed to her but she married him anyway!! Brandon is a manipulative, deceiving, b*****d and the wife is weak because she took him back. I’m sure he has other women in other states because he’s on tour periodically with the Lead singer of the band I like. Brandon is a liar!! Women of Minneapolis and other parts of Minnesota stay away!!! This guy isn’t s**t, he’s married and living a double life and doesn’t care if it’s dangerous!!!!!! He is a very unfaithful man and he is very sexually, that’s why he cheats on his wife. She’s a dummy because she took him back a 2nd time!! LADIES BEWARE OF THIS CRAZY A*S MANIPULATIVE PIECE OF S**T!!!! HE’S OUT THERE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S STILL VERY MARRIED AND IN THE HOUSE!! LIES SAYS HE HAS HIS OWN PLACE! WIFE SAID HE WANTED HER TO CO SIGNED FOR A CAR FOR HIM BECAUSE HE COULD GET IT BY HIMSELF. I’M NOT SURE WHY SHE DOGGED HIM AND TELLS ME HE HAS NOTHING BUT STILL WITH HIM. I GUESS HE WAS SENDING ME HER MONEY!!!!


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