Robert Figueroa Westminster,Maryland USA

Robert is a habitual liar. Wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped in the face. Comes across as shy sweet and wonderful but is a 57 yr old denture wearing gray hair young girl p**n watching pig who hasn’t gotten it up in years. If he does within seconds. He lies cheats drinks and will become whatever you seem to like. Like rock and roll hes a rocker like country he’s a good old boy redneck. Married for 26yrs with two daughters and uses them and blames them for all his woes. He cheated on his wife once and put her through h**l. Promised her never again and the moment life got tough and she got sick his at it again. IF YOU SEE HIM 5 9″ 145lbs Dark hair brown eyes driving a yellow jeep or a a motorcycle in Westminster Maryland or surrounding areas run and run fast. ROBERT FIGUEROA IS A D**N LIAR AND CHEATER JUST ASK HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTERS. THEY KNOW THE TRUTH BECAUSE HE SURE DOESN’T!!!!!!


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