Rodney Jerome Combs

The fligingest person you will ever meet. This dude is so fake always flashing money or trying to show cars off to hide behind material s**t so you get caught up materialism and don’t pay attention to how f****d up he really is. This ni#@$ is a dressed up clown. He is the biggest trick and comes with everything big except his d**k. Don’t waste your time with his a*s unless it’s about his money. He’s a minute man and even if he in a relationship he’s a free agent. He always stating he making a movie so ladies we can all be actresses and fake a o****m on that Lil d**k or pretend to like him and get that money. A straight hoe so if you know like I know if come in contact with him play your role during them 5 mins of f*****g get what need and move on. Nothing real but the money and if his mouth is open he lying. He f***s anything with a hole and will pay for it. So i guess if time is money its all good. Truthfully the risk of what this ni!#@ could bring you ain’t worth the money.


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