Ron Gardner, Springvale, Maine USA

So this ‘man’ that I have known for five years and were together for those five years. We were in a committed relationship and i loved him dearly and did so much for him. Yeah i admit that that i had some faults of course, BUT one thing is for sure is that I was 110% dedicated to him fully. I would give my life for him, his family and beautiful children. He was absolutely everything I have ever dreamed of and more. We didn’t get along all the time and we had our issues like every other couple. This was the man that I wanted to marry and spend my life with. Things eventually took a turn when he started talking behind my back to my ex husbands room mate and ‘gf’ Kaitlyn Leclerc. This girl Kaitlyn is a person that I actually knew and thought was an ok person. BOY was I wrong! This man, MY EX met her through my EX husband who is also my sons father. This psycho woman is a drug addict and absolutely disgusting! She doesn’t have custody of her son BC of this! She does drugs around HIS KIDS. I have reported her and HIM as well because of this. So while I was still living in OUR house. HE SNEAKS her in the back door and MOVES her s**t in! IM like WTF!? HE is a piece of S**T for doing something like this to me. Yeah we were having problems, but he was unwilling to fix them and go to counseling like i wanted to. SO He moves her in and Im like WTF!? he says “oh sorry she had no place to go and i had no choice” MY EX SPLIT up OUR whole entire HOUSE so i couldn’t go into half of it. I was locked out of my own home basically! he also kicked MY SON and myself out on the streets!! SO this crackwhore is sleeping in OUR bed with MY boyfriend at the time! (my bf and I had separate bedrooms) I was absolutely devastated and heartbroken that everything that I had worked SOO hard for was crushed because this stupid crackwhore KAITLYN came into his life and apparently neither one of them can keep their legs closed. It was not only hurtful and devastating to myself but also my SON who he helped raise MOST of his LIFE had no clue what was happening. I want to WARN every girl out there not to bother with this man. He will f**k around on you and play games. He will talk to women behind your back and be on numerous dating sites. HE always has something to hide and he completley unfaithful. DO NOT trust this man or the w***e he is with either.


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