Rory Eugene Harris, Sharon, Woodward, Oklahoma, United States

If you want to have a good life, steer far clear of Rory Eugene Harris.; If you want to ruin your life, let this man come into it.
This man is a cheater and a liar. He is nothing but a player. He prides himself on being an a hole. (He even has a shirt that states this); This man will ruin your life.; How does it start? You will have a good life or you will be working diligently on creating a good life. He will chase you for years. He will pretend to be a friend. He will tell you how special you are to him and how you are his soulmate (really?!!! should have been a red flag). He will buy you expensive jewelry and try to make you feel like the most special woman in the world. You will see red flags, but he will try so hard to sweep you off of your feet that you write them off.; He will ask you to make time for him that you do not have. He will try to seem generous and caring by offering to “help” you financially. Don’t do it!! It is a bait and switch. Soon, he will be telling you that he doesn’t give an f how bad he hurts your feelings. Once your life is crashing from listening to him, he will be the powerful one who can afford not to give an f. He will delight in seeing you, the woman he once desired so much and promised to cherish, suffer over him. He is truly heartless and evil. He will likely die a lonely old man who finally realizes how he treated people.; You will finally see what his “crazy” exes were thinking when they did seemingly atrocious things to him. It is because he is only out for himself. He preys on women and then betrays them. You will be everything to him until you are not. Then he will shrug all of his promises off and say “People change.” There is a reason that this man has been divorced and never remarried for almost twenty years. There is a reason that one of his exes will not let him see her son. There is a reason why people do things to his cars and to his house. There is a reason why people call security on this man. He does not care about anyone but himself. His “generosity” and his lies about your being special are nothing but a trap.; When your life is screwed up by trying to trust him and do what he wanted you to do, he will abandon you in the most cruel, humiliating, and hateful ways just when you are at your lowest and think that you need his love the most. He is a sadistic predator and he gets off on this. He is an absolute narcissist. He loves listening to buckcherry and singing songs about not caring about his partner. These red flags will seem ridiculous in the beginning as he is spending thousands of dollars on jewelry and telling you that you are the one, that he has never in his life felt this way before, that he has been looking for you his entire life. It is an absolute trap.; He told me that he cheated on his wife when he was married. He told me that she took the kids away. He told me that he slept with a married woman. She was supposedly some horrible vindictive monster who took her son(s) away from him also. I am not a judgemental person. I chalked it up to human mistakes. No. These were tell-tale signs about his character as a human being. No woman would let her kids stay in this man’s life. He no doubt told every ex how he had never felt that way before and how he would never abandon her. He will say anything to make you believe that he is the one until he no longer has a use for you.; What else? He is in his 50’s and listens to hateful music like Marilyn Manson and Taylor Momsen. When I knew him, he did illegal drugs. He called me horrible names in the bedroom. He choked me in bed. (I guess his true feelings about women come out in the bedroom). He gossipped about his friend Shawn. He gossiped about his friend Tracy. He talks badly about the company men who he does work for. (He constantly complained about Kirk or Curt). He gossiped about his ex wife and sneered about the fact that he thought that she was broke. (I guess the money and financial success make him feel powerful and superior). He used his father’s urine at a medical facility to fake a drug screening test. (Disgusting). (She ended up calling security on him or wanting to call security on him. For whatever reason, this man hates women and can only hide this fact for so long.)


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