Rory Eugene Harris, Woodward, Sharon, OK, USA

Beware of Rory Eugene Harris of Woodward Oklahoma; He will find you somewhere like OKCupid or POF. He will chase you for years. He will do everything he can to make you think that he is your “soulmate”.; Later, he will “change” his mind and heart and go back on every promise he ever made to you. He will cheat on you. He will ruin your life. He will tell you how he no longer cares about you. He will tell you that he does not give an “F” about your feelings.; He loves married women. He hates being married. He will tell you that he wants to marry you. That he has never gotten down on one knee and asked anyone else to marry him before. He will tell you that he has never been so in love before in his life. He is only setting you up to treat you like a worthless piece of c**p. (When really, he is the worthless, predatory, hateful, sorry excuse for a human being).; He will tell you stories about his “crazy” exes. There is no way one man could trigger so much of that kind of behavior from different women without playing his own part.; Every woman that has had his kids or may have had his kids has taken herself and her children away from him. He will try hard to fool you. You will lose years of your life and your life will get ruined if you believe that you are different to him. He is a very, very bad man.


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