Roxanne Haberland, Phoenix, Arizona

Roxanne Haberland is a s**t that loves to be f****d and tied up while being treated like w***e…Roxanne Haberland is a master manipulator. She will take you on a ride of joy, you will think shes the center of your universe. Her prey is usually wealthy types with higher education, often doctors, executives, businessmen, etc. Anyone who has money or importance, preferably both. She is attractive, slim (eating disorder), charismatic, sexual, sophisticated, and worldly. However underneath that thin veil of perfectness, she is a troubled girl with low self esteem. She props herself up by seeking attention from multiple partners, from across the country. She has been married and not faithful. One of her boyfriends described her and Histrionic. She also maintains multiple sexual partners and does not use protection, so be careful and use protection, if you dare to date this girl. Just know that you are CERTAINLY not the only person shes dating, and PROBABLY not the only person shes sleeping with. Absolutely positively fact check anything that remotely seems fishy with this girl, because your gut instinct is probably correct. She is sloppy, so catching her in a lie isn’t that hard, you just have to avoid your natural instinct of believing this hot chick who’s imploring you otherwise. Look it up. Spot on.


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