Sabrina Leyva, Medford, Oregon

Sabrina Leyva is the biggest snake you’ll ever meet. She will smile to your face and [email protected]#k your man behind your back. She was married to a good man named Joe for years, in that time she [email protected] around and slept with all his friends as well as her ‘friends’ boyfriends. She ended up leaving Joe for his homie she had been cheating with. Then made up charges of abuse so her husband had to leave their house. Her favorite thing to do is send nude pictures to clients of the ARC where she works, and arrange times to [email protected]#k them when her now fiance (Dave Smead) is out of town working. She also claims to be clean and sober because she does intake at a drug rehab center to help addicts, all the while living a double lifestyle drinking everyday like the alcoholic she is. Someday karma will catch up to you Sabrina, and i just pray everyone you f****d over being a lying caniving [email protected] all gets to watch.


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