Samantha Hunt, Laurel Hill, Florida

This isn’t gossip! This is just Samantha Hunt! I knocked on her door and her and my husband answered together. He had on only jeans and she looked like she had been rode hard and put up wet with her mascara down to her cheeck bones. Might I add she is marrried too and her poor husband works off shore and probably has no idea what she does on her free time. I posted to Facebook what I had discovered and then I started receiving messages from numerous woman. All of these woman told me how they had to quit being her friend because she was trying to sleep with there husbands. I told my soon to be exhusband about the messages I was receiving and he said that all these woman use to be her friends and they are all crazy and jealous of her. I could understand that if it was one or maybe even two different woman but four? Here’s your sign buddy. And by the looks of her picture there isn’t a dang thing to be jealous of! He use to make fun of this woman. Talked about her teeth and ears and how bad she got on his nerves. I wonder how much he has to drink to crawl into bed with this? The night I knocked on the door he was pretty drunk h**l I don’t blame him. Do you? This has been going on for quite some time. I had to first hear about it from our four year old daughter when she asked me why does her daddy “hug” Sam all the time? The response I received from him was ” you don’t hug your friends?” Then I had someone tell me that he was at a mutual friends house and went to use and blanket and the homeowner said don’t use that one Sam and Justin had s*x on it last night. When I questioned him about this he said I was crazy and even swore to G*d on his sweet innocent children’s lives that he hadn’t and would never sleep with her. It’s ok. He can keep doing his thing. Karma is gonna be on my side for this one and when she traded him and he realizes what he had done and wants to come back I’m just gonna laugh and say I took the garbage out and don’t it back!


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