Sarah Gast, Baltimore, Maryland

Sarah Gast claimed that my boyfriend would tell her when I’d leave his house when he never did that. Then when we split up, she talked sh*t to me and claimed she was the one he wanted to be with all along (that was a lie as well) overall this woman likes to screw with people’s emotions. She tries to cause people to not trust the ones they love. She laughed about it too! This chick doesn’t deserve a boyfriend or husband. It is all evident to say that she was apparently talking to someone as well when me and my boyfriend split! On top of that she caused a commotion on Facebook when my boyfriend (together again now) stood up for me when she said a racist remark and when things didn’t go her way she said f#*k his family and friends that want me and him together again. She is racist and overall a horrible human being. Everything she claimed was a lie and ALMOST… note I said ALMOST, ruined the healing in our relationship when we got back together after that situation during our break up. She’s with someone now and I feel sorry for the guy. She took advantage of my boyfriend’s emotions at that time when we weren’t together and this sh*t wasn’t right.


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