Willingboro, NJ

Willingboro, NJ is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! Alexi/aj/lex is a Cheer Coach gymnastics Coach and sweet talker when I met him and very old fashioned. I took him into my home he had me convinced that I fell in love with him and and he loved me and my children he got me pregnant and after I had the baby he left. He is a horrible drug addict and alcoholic user and abuser he took advantage of my kindness and hurt me and my children. He left when our infant son was 4 weeks old filed false dhs claims against me and now is stating he wants full custody of our infant son that he states isn’t his. He is a horrible person and anyone getting involved with him please be careful. I’ve spoken to 3 of his ex’s and 2 have had abortions because of his drinking and drug use and the other he used and abused and walked out on just like he did me. His type is woman who are at least 2 years older then him with children. He is obsessed with s*x, p**n, drinking, and drugs. He is absolutely very charming and comes off very loving at first he’s attractive and very childish obsessed with comic books, video games and super hero’s he thinks he’s Deadpool. This is not a joke. He’s half Cuban and Puerto Rican he has 2 sisters that are Satan. He calls his one sister his lover. His whole family is sick and twisted. Please beware

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